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    Starbucks has a promo where you get a free drink for every 15 purchases that you make (Note: If you buy food and a drink, split the transaction.). The company mails you a coupon good for any drink of any size.

    In any case, we moved into a house about two years ago and the previous occupant is a heavy Starbucks drinker. I know this because they seem to have forgotten to change their address with SBUX, so I get a coupon for a free drink every several weeks.

    These coupons have presented me with an obvious dilemma, although I am not proud to say that I have been using them to buy my tall non-fat no-whip peppermint mochas since I started getting them.

    So I'm asking you guys to help me solve the dilemma: Should I continue to buy my tall mochas (which are plenty big) with their coupons, or should I trade up to a grande because buying just a tall feels like a waste?

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    Those postcards are for any size of drinks. Most of the people I know would ask for at least grande with extra espresso shots. But I know a lady who use the card for her tea because she doesn't drink anything else. I think with those free cards, people generally will want the most $$$ in their free drinks. Summer is around the corner. I notice frappuccino has been the choice of majority of customers who bring in the postcard.
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