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    It was a couple weeks ago, sitting at a restaurant with The Points Guy in Singapore and chatting about my travel tools that I said I wasn’t going to bother developing an award search tool for Star Alliance flights because there were already many others on the market and it wasn’t worth it. So it is something of a surprise even to myself that I’m announcing today the availability of Star Alliance award searches via the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools suite.
    Fill in the appropriate information, click the magic button and then sit back and let the good news roll in:
    With the "Saver Only" box checked it will only show itineraries that have availability in the discounted award levels. Those are also generally the same awards available to partner programs, though it may vary on United Airlines metal based on whether the MP number used in the query has status associated with it.
    Alerts, too!

    But what if the route doesn’t have awards available and you don’t want to keep checking back all the time to see if the award space opens up? Well, there’s a tool for that, too. Just click on the My Alerts link and you can configure the system to check for you and email you when it finds seats available. By default all members can have up to 10 active alerts which will be queried daily. First Class members can have up to 50 active award alerts and they will be queried at least 4x daily.
    The Alert tool lets you specify specific cabins of service as part of the query. You can easily manage the alerts through the interface:
    Should the award be available during the scheduled search time you’ll receive an email that looks something like this:
    So come on over and find your Star Alliance award seats today. I’ve got a number of additional features I hope to add, including saved searches and search history online to make things even easier over time.

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