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    Hello all,
    First, happy new year! (it's my first post this year).

    Well I don't know if there are people working for airlines here in this forum. I asume they are. I'm one of thems then. :)

    I just wanted to ask if you guys (working for airlines) have any recommended source the check for Flight Seats Availability.
    When we need to fly on Standby, is always useful.

    I used to check "", flight availability function, but they got it offline now. I bought also another one that is called "", you pay around 8 Euro a year, and you get a rough information about each flight seat availability. But I don't found it quite useful, sometimes it shows a lot more seats than they really are.

    I hope someone can help me.


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    If you really do work for an airline, you'd have access to either MyIDTravel or ID90 to access information on OAL Travel.

    Of course they don't give you detailed accurate information but I've found it to be a good indicator of how standby travel will be like on another airline. Otherwise time to make friends that works for respective airlines that you'd like to travel on to get a better indicator of how things go.


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