St Regis Monarch Beach, CA [Master Thread]

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    This is the last of the hotels for my holiday... I booked 3 nights here, thanks to a SPG50 voucher. No upgrades were given. For the first time this trip, I asked, but he went through the motions and told me they'd nothing. Also for the first time, I was inclined to believe him. During my stay, there was a large car show, a few conferences, a wedding, and a wedding reharsal...

    I was given a room overlooking the pool and some ocean view. The bellhop led me to the room on level 4 (lobby was on level 5). It wasn't an overly big room, but comfortable enough.

    This was the first time I stayed at a St Regis. Perhaps I've over-hyped it, but the service was a bit of a let-down, some pockets were good, some were definitely average.

    Before arriving, I got an email from the butler saying just ask for anything. I asked them to give me some options on transport to the LAX. She came back and said, yep, certainly, just ask the front desk when I arrive. Huh?

    I normally asked for a late check-out when checking in. This time, I forgot and rang up from my room instead. I was told, 'no', they couldn't do that now, and I'd to ring back on my departure date and see...

    Despite being asked what newspaper I wanted, only 1 newspaper was ever delivered (out of 3 days). OK, one day was a Sunday, so I'd make that 1 out of 2.

    Turn down service was patchy - only received it 2 nights out of 3. The 2 nights were done differently too. Rubbish wasn't taken away during turn down

    Housekeeping was poor. Towels weren't replaced (only taken away). I used the wine glasses on the first night, and they were never replaced. Water wasn't replaced until it's down to the last drop.

    On to something positive, the pool staff was excellent as was most of the restaurant staff. We ate and drank at the Stonehill a couple of times, which was their flagship restaurant, and were very well looked after.

    The property itself is big and beautiful. One nice touch is there are little bunnies running around the lawn. I was hoping there would be an eagle or a hawk or something to scoop one, alas no such luck...

    The front desk staff was generally very good.

    Will I stay here again? Perhaps, but definitely not at their normal rates if that's the service level I'm getting...

    - Beautiful property
    - Good pool, private beach
    - Golf course

    - Patchy service
    - Expensive, particularly with this level of service
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