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    Is there a master thread for this hotel? Couldn't find it.

    First of all, if you stay in the lowest price room with the luxury privilege rate of 250ish it is an exceptional deal - free breakfast and $100/ night food and beverage or spa credit per night (plus 4th night free) is really a deal.

    (Forgot to mention below that the lower level rooms they call suites are not - just larger rooms. There are real (2 room) suites - check the room footage.)


    The service varies from hero to zero! The building and lobbies are exceptionally luxurious. The beach area is a disaster - beach itself has nice (?imported) white sand but the attempts to change mother nature - oh my! Water (what little there is) is cloudy at high tide and a massive mud flat at low tide. The attempts to put "geofoam" under the sand lead to huge pieces of material at one end of the beach and according to the marine biologist I spoke to the whole plan will not work. Anyway from a customer point of view - there are comfortable lounges on the beach with good views of nearby islands, but swimming in the "ocean" is really not possible.
    There is a good enough pool for doing laps (if it's not crowded), In the pool villas the pools are nice for playing -(and maybe children if they're water safe) but have sun lounges that require being VERY tall to climb into since the step up to them is about 3.5 feet high! ("stairs are on order")
    Staff - the extremes are both there - seems to be a general lack of supervision and very poor management. Some examples:

    1 Ask for ice water near pool. First day am given comp bottle with a glass of ice. Second day am given a glass of ice which was then filled with the hot water used for tea!

    2 Breakfast - often too busy for number of servers, drink orders sometimes come, sometimes request multiple times. Problem may be that many staff don't even understand basic English and therefore smile and nod - but don't know what to transmit so go on to their next job clearing dishes.
    As in the other restaurant there is little consistency day to day (again indicating lack of oversight) for example on day ordered the "egg nouvelle" which is described as lobster ragout with parsley cream and caviar eggs - what came was scrambled egg with bits of lobster. The next day the same item was scrambled eggs with a lobster sauce on top (no parsley or caviar). Again to me, indicating lack of oversight.

    3 Kayu Puti - beautiful location with some of the best hostess I've experienced, but then you get to the waiters :( Totally inexperienced and unsupervised AFAICT and the dining room is set up as three sides of a square with a solid block in the middle so no manager could see what is going on without walking around constantly (altho no manager ever seemed to be visible in my three nights of dining over extended periods of time)

    Wine asked to be served at beginning of course was served when finished :(

    Again, inconsistencies and known issues just stay. Ordered wagu steak medium rare - served medium so the next time I ordered it closer to rare. It was cooked more - was going to ignore it until the person next to me mentioned theirs was overcooked too. (Seems to be a known problem since the sous vide the meat, cool it, then pan fry and finish in the oven "to keep up with the timing") If you can't serve it below medium just tell the customer!

    Front desk is clueless - when I asked what exchange rate was used for $100 credit got answers from 360 to 412 (ask 3 different people get 3 different answers!) and in order to get the 4th night credit I had to email the offer page showing this to the front desk. DON'T LEAVE settling your bill until the minute because everything takes forever - do it the night before!

    All this might not be so bad at a regular place, but this is a high end resort with prices to match.

    There are snacks available at the pool bar, but hot food comes from the restaurant so if you order a hamburger it will likely not be hot after being walked from 10 minutes away (didn't try it myself)

    After being open 6 months I would have expected more (but many staff had never worked in hotels before and clearly training is not well done).

    Some staff are fantastic, most try but.... asked for 3 towels held up 3 fingers, BIG SMILE - one towel placed on lounge.

    Good points -

    breakfast buffet is amongst the best I've experienced due to an extensive a la carte menu, but only because you can order as many items as you like. Lobster omelet - great idea- if the small lobster pieces weren't so overcooked that they resembled small pieces of rubber. Strange ideas and preps (chicken liver pate with beetroot and cheese - melted on toast so that the liver dissolves), OTOH I discovered a dish I hadn't had that became my favorite;) Also unlimited reasonable champagne :D and fresh squeezed juice. Hours are late enough (until 11) that if you're not a big eater you might not need lunch!

    Platinum treatment seems good.
    This is a luxurious hotel which could be anywhere in the world (if you don't look outside), with service that doesn't match the decor. Probably a better choice for a honeymoon or romantic/quiet getaway than a family vacation (although the staff were quite friendly to the small children I saw there - I think older children could get bored easily altho others have said they enjoyed the Westin childrens club - I think the Andaman is a better setting and MUCH more nature oriented (if that matters to you))
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