SQ LAX-NRT/SIN PE purchase options at checkin counter

Discussion in 'Singapore Airlines | KrisFlyer' started by redtailshark, May 24, 2016.

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    I flew SQ LAX-NRT-SIN-BKK last week on a revenue itin. At the LAX checkin counter there's a placard advertising paid UG to PE, with the advisory this can only happen if the relevant fare bucket is available that day. It was when I flew and the agents pointed this out. The price advertised was 300 USD for SQ11 seg to NRT, or 350 USD including onward to SIN. The guy next to me ponied up for his UG to CGK, which apparently was the same as SIN. Not too bad of a deal. If I hadn't secured exit row seats on all the itins I might have considered this offer more seriously.

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