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    In over 1000 nights with Marriott, I never left a property and demanded to be moved to another one until today. This hotel needs some people from corporate to come in and clean house.

    To begin with, I called the property as soon as I landed to have the airport shuttle sent over. I was told that it was expected back at the hotel in 45 minutes and then it would be sent right over to the terminal (another 15 minutes). Maybe I'm alone on this but I think waiting an hour for an airport shuttle from a branded "airport hotel" to pick me up is a bit excessive. I wound up taking a cab.

    I just booked this reservation last night and the website said absolutely nothing about any construction, etc. yet this entire property is torn apart. There are drop cloths in the hallways, about 90% of the lobby is cordoned off behind black plastic sheeting and the breakfast area has been relocated into a few 1st floor guest rooms. Additionally, the workout room is closed and the guest rooms smell VERY strongly of paint and freshly hung drywall. I went the front desk and spoke to the property manager who, very indifferently, told me that the construction notification on the website must have expired since the work is running about a week late (the way the lobby looks, it'll take another month or more for it to be finished). There wasn't anything even resembling a hint of an apology.

    I told them that I was leaving and that I wanted to be booked at one of their sister properties (Courtyard) in the same room type for the same rate.....the front desk clerk took care of that while the manager watched. She told me the van would be right over to pick me up and take me there and the manager invited me to wait in the lobby (there were 4 chairs backed up against the plastic sheeting right underneath where the ceiling was being painted and right next to a radio blasting music for the workmen). I waited outside for the van to pick me up.....20 minutes later.

    A call the to Platinum Premier line resulted in a major apology from a senior manager, a promise that she would be going above the property manager's head to research the situation, a promise of an investigation to determine if this hotel should even be open to accommodate guests during this renovation, and 20,000 points (which I didn't ask for).

    Hopefully, something gets done here sooner rather than later.
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    I have stayed at this hotel many times. It was fabulous when it first opened, but over the years, it has gone down hill. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully Marriott addresses the situation.

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