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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by loungelizard, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I have some (around 64000) United miles and my husband has even less. I want to get business class tickets for us and have plenty of UR points to transfer to top off the accounts. I guess I have two questions - do I have to book these tickets separately in order to use our few United points (along with UR points transferred to each account)? And, if booked separately, how do you get seats together?
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    If you don't have enough points in one of your accounts to book both tickets, then you will have to book two separate bookings. UA should be able to link (cross-reference) the bookings so that you stay together on your flights. You might call UA and see what they say. They might also have an option (for a fee) to transfer points from one of your accounts to the other. Good luck!
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    What I would do (not sure if it'll work but it makes sense to me) Fight the flights you want under 2 people. Hold the reservation online, then call in and tell them you want these two seats for yourself & the hubby. Both have UA accounts and can they please take the milage out of them separately. If so, then transfer UR -> UA, since that happens instantly and wala!

    or do as Malikguy suggested and call in, but I wouldnt xfer points between UA when you can just top off via UR.
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