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    Hello new here,

    A few months a go I was sponsored by a premier 1k (million miler) on a flight from DXB to IAD. It cleared. Recently I was sponsored by another friend ;) who says he's a 1k premier member. My question is when the first person did it for me the little graphic saying upgraded requested looked "fancier" said the 1k status (forget all the details) but this time it's just a blue upgrade requested. I know the difference can just be web coding but wondering if this means anything?

    Also there are 20 seats available in business for flight on sept 9th any insight on the possibility of it clearing?
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    Assuming this is for the non-stop DXB-IAD flight departing on 9 September there are 5 seats available to confirm the upgrade right now. And there is one seat available for IAD-DXB on that same night. If you are still waitlisted call in and ask an agent to check your record and force it through.

    And Welcome to MilePoint!
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    The UI has changed a bit. I currently have a pair of waitlisted GPUs sponsored by a GS and it's no fancier than when I sponsor an RPU myself (I'm a Platinum). :)

    Sounds like you have a shot at it. Always hard to know, of course.

    Good luck and welcome!

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