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    I bought a ticket for my nephew on flights that I will also be on but with a different PNR. When I bought the ticket I was able to choose exit row seating for him at no additional charge. I am wondering if as the time for the flight approaches CO might notice he has an exit row seat without payment of the additional charge and remove him from that seat. My MP # is somehow linked to his reservation though, since it shows up in my intineraries. Can a CO platinum sponsor an exit row seat for someone on a different PNR?
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    Hi entrada,
    If this was on UA my answer would be yep, when they do their sweeps they will kick them out and put them in another seat (had this done to my wife twice before she got her own status).
    I can't answer for the CO side, but likely the same story.
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    CO historically hasn't done sweeps to bounce people out of premium seats once assigned. I wouldn't worry.
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    Hmmm... Same story working here. I cashed in miles for my daughter to go home to visit her mother on a CO intl ticket. I was allowed to select an exit row window at no charge. Figured it to be some obscure Platinum perk that I was not aware of.

    The flight is in January. That means it's post-merger, thus a United flight (although they are still issuing CO flight and confirmation numbers). I hope she gets it. Her outbound will have her in the air for almost 10 hours between two flights.

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