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Discussion in 'Starwood | Preferred Guest' started by VeryGoodPoints, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Has anyone found the SPG app showing different rates than the website?
    I just looked for 1 night and the app shows $235 for my corp account rate and the website shows $94
    I've tried a few diff nights and found the same thing.

    I want the extra points for booking w/the app during Better By The Night...but I need the right rate!
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    that happened to me before but the other way.i hd a cheaper flex rate on the iPhone app than the prepay rate on spy.com...no idea why
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    I've seen many cases of this as well. Sometimes the app offers a lower rate but most times it seems to offer a higher rate. I wrote to Starwood about this and received the following response:

    I understand the piece about promotional rates, but that doesn't always seem to be the cause of the problem. Sometimes it is the non-refunable, prepaid rates that are different. When I have some time, I'm going to find some more examples and send them back to Starwood (as they requested).
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    If the rate on the app is refundable and the cancellation deadline has not passed, then book the higher rate via the app, and then modify the reservation via spg.com.

    From the promo FAQ:
    Q: Will I receive the booking bonus if I originally booked through an eligible web or mobile app channel, but then modify my reservation through a different channel?
    A: Yes, if the original booking was made through an eligible web or mobile app channel, members will receive the bonus even if the reservation is modified through a different channel.
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    I'd book through the app into a refundable rate and then call Plat Concierge to have the rate changed to the one you like on spg.com, assuming that it's not some internet only promo at the hotel.

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