SPG Amex application... now or wait?

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    My wife is preparing for her second CC application spree and - along with the Chase Hyatt and Barclay's USAir card - we're considering adding the SPG Amex. Cards already owned from the first app-o-rama include the Citi AA Visa & Amex and the Chase Southwest personal and business. Since we'd like to spread out Chase applications, and keep app parties to just a few cards with a total spending requirement under 1500-2000/month average. We are working towards a trip to Japan next year, and the AA miles have covered the flights and the Hyatt card will get us the hotel in Tokyo. The other card we were considering is the Ink Bold, but the 10K spending is steep for us, and 25K SPG points seem more valuable than 25K UR points, especially since there is a Westin in Kyoto (the other main chain I see being a Hyatt, and it's fewer points/night for the Westin).
    However, I've read past articles about the SPG card being as high as a 30K signup, and also sometimes having smaller spending thresholds. Is it worth "waiting it out", or replacing it in this app session with something else, knowing that we have a slight time pressure because we want to apply for the Hyatt card while the platinum trial is ongoing? We also have a couple of bigger-ticket spend items coming up (not enough to really change the per-month approximate target, but enough that I want to get them to count towards a spending requirement rather than just a generic 1x on my Sapphire card, which is our everyday spend card currently).

    Not necessarily germane to the main question, but feel free to offer suggestions for other cards to include, too!
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    I'd say go for the SPG Amex, since neither of the other two cards have required minimum spend. Needing $5000 in 6 months shouldn't be difficult if you normally spend $1500 - 2000 a month.

    I haven't seen a higher SPG Amex signup and spend bonus, but then again, I'm a newbie and I haven't been around the cc stuff for very long.
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    The Hyatt card if you want to use the free nights in Tokyo. The SPG card is also a very choice as those points are so valuable. There has been a 30K sign-up bonus about twice in the last 12 months. The minimum spending requirement has not gone below 5K that I have seen. I believe it was 10K just a year ago, so it has come down in that respect. So, your call if you want to wait and see if there is a 30K bonus again this summer, but it is a good card to be putting 1x purchases on as SPG points are worth more to most people than UR points (though they are also very valuable).
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