Specific rules for driving a rental car across borders

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    Rental cars with U.S. license plates may be driven into Canada by United States residents. However, customs agents are always on the lookout for people trying to import a vehicle without paying taxes. That means they pay special attention when you are driving a vehicle that is not yours.

    The trickiest situations arise when you fly across the border, rent a car, and then drive back to your country of origin. This will always raise questions with customs agents so you need to have your paperwork and justification in good order.

    Bringing a rented vehicle into Canada should not be a problem. The only questions that may arise are if you are a dual U.S./Canadian citizen or have a permanent residence in Canada.
    In that case, you will be questioned much more closely to determine your intent with the vehicle.

    Read More: http://hudsonvalley.ynn.com/content...driving-a-rental-car-across-borders/?ap=1&MP4
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    Seems people who write these articles often seek out problems where there aren't any.

    a) I rented cars in the US and driven across to Canada and back many times, no problem.
    b) I have rented cars in the US and dropped then off in Vancouver at least two times, no problem.
    c) I have rented cars in Vancouver (from National) and they even offered special rates to drop them off in Seattle ( these had Wash State plates), no problem.

    On not one of these occasions have I every been questioned about the car by either US or Canadian customs agents.
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    Driven from Spokane into Canada twice (and back).
    Driven from Vancouver to Alaska twice (and back)

    Never had customs question the car at all. Just needed my "yellow card" showing my US insurance had me covered.
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