Space hotel for tourists could open by 2016

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    Space hotel for tourists could open by 2016:cool:

    A Russian space firm has ambitious plans to open a space hotel for tourists by 2016 – with a vision to offer a new age of commercial space travel for the super rich.

    Orbital Technologies says it hopes to build a commercial space station hotel pod 217 miles above the earth.
    The four-room orbiting hotel would house up to 7 guests and offer ‘out-of-this-world’ views of earth through giant viewing windows.

    A ride to the hotel would take two days aboard Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft.

    The experience would be limited to those able to afford its $1 million (£500,000) price tag for a five day stay, plus a little over $800,000 (£500,000) for the journey up there.

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