Southwest Airlines to start charging a no-show fee

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    Southwest Airlines Co. will start charging a no-show fee for passengers who fail to cancel tickets before their flights.

    The company also said that fees on early check-in and overweight bags are going up.
    Southwest brags that it doesn't charge ticket-change fees, and it lets customers apply the price of an unused ticket to a later trip. But customers who take advantage of those policies are leaving too many seats empty, the airline says.

    So beginning next year, Southwest will charge a no-show fee on its cheapest fares, known as "Wanna Get Away" tickets. Neither the start date nor the amount of the fee has been set.

    CEO Gary Kelly said the change will bring Southwest closer in line with policies at other airlines and won't alienate customers.

    "By our research, customers understand that we all could benefit - customers and the company - from the opportunity to resell a seat," Kelly said. "Once the airplane takes off and (a seat) is empty, we can't ever reclaim that."

    Executives said the fee for overweight bags will rise to $100 from $50, and early check-in, which helps move passengers toward the front of the boarding line and ensure space for their bag in the overhead bins, will go to $12.50 from $10.

    The airline expects to raise $100 million next year from the new no-show fee and the increases in current fees, part of a plan to boost revenue by $1.3 billion in 2013 over 2012.

    Southwest is on pace for revenue this year of about $17.5 billion based on figures from 2011 and the first nine months of 2012.

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    Did he really say that?!

    I can understand the no-show fee. In fact, I am surprised to hear that you could actually no-show on their cheap fares and retain the value of the ticket.
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    Yeah, it's kinda ridiculous that they've allowed that up until this point. The no fee on ticket changes is a wonderful thing (and probably might even make more money for them than they would on change fees as it gets people to book on SW very early while forgetting to recheck prices, etc.), but refunding no show tickets is way too customer friendly (a phrase that probably has never been said about an airline before).
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    Here we go. Soon SWA will follow the herd in all extra fees.
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    Moving me further away. Especially the overweight bag fee, hopefully the agents remain a little lenient on A-Listers.

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