Southwest 1380: Your Place to Rant

Discussion in 'Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards' started by misman, Apr 24, 2018.

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    I'm not much on ranting or creating threads that encourage such, but this one has me just fuming.

    [RANT ON]
    If reports are correct, the engine manufacturer recommended that these engines be checked, but the airlines all balked at having to disrupt service to do it. Now, a woman is dead, so they have decided to do it. In what reality does it take a loss of life to do a task? The engine checks could have taken place with the same (or probably less) disruption that is occurring now, and this person will still be alive.

    I'm not sue-happy, but I hope that WN pays out big on this one, and I hope that the folks that made the decision not to do the checks are no longer employed.

    Unlike some, I'm not going to swear off flying WN, or any other airline that argued against these checks; that is not reality, so why would I say such a thing. But this whole thing just disgusts me!
    [RANT OFF]
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    The Ukrainian gives it an 7.5. It’s a little too calm and grounded for a higher mark.
    It’s truly hard to believe that after one incident that they could just spin the wheel of mis-fortune a second time.
    As for swearing off WN, I haven’t had the misfortune to use them in over fifteen years and don’t expect to for another.

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