Somewhere HOT for Thanksgiving

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  1. Hi,

    rather new to the Hilton program..anyone have any good ideas for a 4 day stay somewhere HOT and not too far a plane ride during Thanksgiving on the Hilton Honors prog. Any feedback would be greatly appreaciated.

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    It would help to give more information. Not too far (definition?) from where? I would assume USA, but be more specific. Family? Young single? Airline preference? Do you mean a stay on Hilton points? If so, what category can you afford?
  3. Thanks.

    Its for me and my wife, trying to plan a romantic beach getaway for 4 days. We live in NYC and I guess the max airtime would be around 8 hours. Yes I meant to say Hilton points. We have around 500K, which I think should be enough for 4 nice nights, with upgrades. We are gold members.
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    I'd say Curacao? Maybe Puerto Rico if you don't want to bother with visas... the Hilton Ponce is not bad.
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