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Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by PTravel, May 30, 2011.

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    If you're obsessive about doing your own travel videos, like I am, you do opening logos. I used to create my own logos from scratch, which requires 3D animation software (I use Cool 3D Edit, an older program) and compositing in Adobe Premiere Pro. This is the standard definition one:

    This is the high def one (the rotating Earth comes from NASA's website, where it can be downloaded for free):

    I just found a website that can reproduce customized famous movie logo openings (I have no connection to the website, other than I think it's very cool). They're not free, but for $14.95 I bought three high definition logos (different resolutions are available at different prices). You enter the text you want, the site renders the text and then you can download it as an mp4 or flv -- if you're using it in your own videos, as I am, I recommend downloading the mp4 version. Here's one of mine (in low resolution):

    The website is:

    Give it a try!
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    Took me a while to get the He & Xi, but it's cool!

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