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    I can't figure out any other reason for getting these bonus points. I have a Surpass card and am supposed to get 2500 points from Amex for each of my first several stays (I don't recall how many).

    On Nov 6 I got the 2500 points, but that made sense -- it was for my stay in the Hilton ATL Airport (checking out on Oct 26).

    Then, on Feb 6 I received another 2500 points -- without any stay to account for it.

    On Feb 25, I was credited with 5000 points. I had completed one stay on Feb 20 (at a rate for which I should not have gotten any credit) and was in the middle of another one but it had not yet been charged to my Amex.

    I am not, however, complaining. I hereby officially grant Amex the right to give me as many undeserved points as it wishes.
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    You should get 2500 points for each of your first 8 stays with the Surpass. The points are awarded by Amex so you will get them for any stay no matter the rate/terms. It will also show up on reward stays and even occsionally if you charge breakfast at a Hilton without actually staying there.

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