Some interesting glitch with award booking?

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    So I had abt 26k left in my OnePass acount and needed to to take a round-trip from BKK to SGN so I thought of redeeming 25k for an eco-class ticket or buying some extra miles for a biz-class one. Learning from the great great great people in this forum (and flyertalk apparently :), I decided to add a stopover in between. I wanted to maximize the value of the award so of course I wasn't gonna stop in a South Asian country. I went greedy and tried all the other regions but the only one that allowed me to stop for 25k/35k was the nearby North Asia so I decided to route through FUK (I was thinking of HND for the 77W but then I'm going to take BKK-CDG in F a few days later and more importantly I've been to both Kanto and Kansai for way too many times already so Fukuoka is the better choice). Anyhow, this is where I have a question:

    BKK -> SGN SGN -> BKK -> FUK FUK -> BKK (Only TG and TK were available online)

    1/ If it's eco + eco/eco + eco -> 25k (All TG)
    2/ biz + biz/biz + biz -> 35k (TG and/or TK)
    3/ biz + biz/biz + eco -> 45k (TG and/or TK)
    4/ eco + biz/biz + biz -> 45k (TG and/or TK)
    The question:
    5/ eco + eco/eco (only available if I had chosen eco for BKK -> SGN) + biz -> 30k and for the final itinerary it was automatically changed to eco + biz/biz + biz (All by TG)! Why is it like that?

    And I guess I should ask this question in the TG sub-forum but I went with 5 in the end since I didn't feel like paying an extra 5k (I didn't have it and would have to pay -> ~$190) just to get a biz seat in the 1-hr flight from BKK to SGN. Is it the right decision?
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