Some Airlines Let You Bring Your Belongings But Not Take Them Back Home

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    I have just returned from an international trip. As you can probably imagine of a travel journalist, I have my packing down to a science. I take my standard amount every time. On my flight going to Europe, I had no issues. My checked luggage was underweight (I also hate fees) and my carry-on baggage fit perfectly under the seat in front of me, just how I like it.

    But on the way back, the airline's Bag Drop clerk instructed me to place my carry-on on a scale. To my shock, he told me I couldn't bring it. It was two pounds too heavy.

    I told him that I brought it to Europe on the same airline (Virgin Atlantic), and no one at JFK had weighed it or stopped me, and it fit perfectly under the seat. I asked him how it could be that Virgin Atlantic could let me bring my posessions into Europe but not take them home with me again.
    He told me that it was the law of the country, and that the laws of my country were different.

    This was a lie. Handbag weight restrictions are designated by the airline. In fact, earlier this year, Virgin Atlantic voluntarily increased the weight limit from a mere 13.2 pounds (6kg) to 22 pounds (10kg).

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    Oh, so many thoughts on this one:
    1. Weigh your bag before leaving home and pack a luggage scale if you think you'll go over.
    2. Take out your computer to make the carry-on lighter.
    3. Leave the "dangling cords" inside the bag. No one said you had to leave them attached.
    4. Put the computer back in the bag after you finish checking in. You don't have to carry it all the way home.
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    Surely the carry-on had two pounds of stuff that could be shoved into pockets of one's clothing/hung around one's neck (no sir, that's not a laptop charger, it's a traditional Silicon Valley necklace)
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