Solar Impulse plane spotting

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    Solar Impulse (the solar powered airplane) will be leaving DFW tonight(6/2/2013) flying into STL. If anyone could post pictures of it taking off and landing, that would be really cool.

    Going forward, we would love to get pictures of it taking off and/or landing, and the airports it will be visiting are STL, DCA, and JFK. The problem is, we don't know where would be a good place to shoot video and pictures. We don't know which runway they will be using. The plane generally leaves and arrives between midnight and 4 am, so any place that is not open to the public in the middle of the night would not work.

    Any suggestions for good viewing locations(defined as being able to see all runways), open to the public between midnight and 4 am, in STL, DCA, or JFK?
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