SoCal Fun for a single 40-year old?

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    Hi. I'm looking for ideas / suggestions on what to do for 3 days in Southern California? I am a recently single 40-year old with 3 nights in LA. I have a rental car and am up for anything. Was even contemplating a day trip to Tijuana. Am I crazy? Suggestions on what to do, where to go, mingle, have a few drinks, be social. (Not looking to 'hook up', just blow off a bit of steam in a fun, safe, and harmless manner). Suggestions and input appreciated.
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    There are quite a few scenic cites between LA and San Diego. I've taken a rental car as far south as Ensenada, MX. It's interesting to take a quick look, but not much to do after a couple of hours. I recall crossing the int'l border there comes with a drastic scenery change -- there's hardly any of the Cali beautiful vegetation or architecture in Baja.

    Also, many US car rental companies may not allow crossing the border. If you do, you're on your own. So "having a few drinks" & a rental car in a foreign country is a very bad combo.
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    I don't have "mingle" nor "drink" suggestions, but here are some SoCal "tourist" things that might distract you for a few days:
    • The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, near Pasadena. The gardens are spectacular. The Suzhou-style Chinese garden especially caught my eye. It's only open a few hours a day, and it's worth the time.
    • Disneyland (and California Adventure). I've never been on a solo trip, but single rider lines are da bomb. I'm among those that strongly prefer Disneyland over the Magic Kingdom in Florida.
    • National Parks. If you want to get outdoors, Sequoia and Kings Canyon are a 4-5 hours drive, which is well within range for a SoCal commuter. :)
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  4. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    SoCal is big enough and has enough to do and see that there is no reason to head into Mexico.
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    Checkout Universal Studios. It's not worth the drive up and back from LA to go Tijuana. The San Diego Zoo or Safari Park would be a better choice. If you like music, checkout to see what bands are playing in the area.
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    Why go to MC when you have some of the most beautiful beach towns in the 200+ miles from LA to Mx. Drive down to Laguna beach. Lots of great restaurants and a young crowd to mingle with, then head on down to Carlsbad - try Coyote restaurant off Carlsbad village drive on a Friday or Saturday night for outdoor fires and entertainment. Next stop could be Encinitas (some great wine bars) or Leucadia or Del Mar. Try the del Mar plaza where Pacifica del Mar is. There is also an outdoor enoteca.
    Good luck.
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    How about a little more information on what you're looking for? Gay? Straight? Looking to relax at the beach? Spend some money shopping? Relax at a resort? Golf? Or party with celebrities and do blow with a hooker? Just asking because different people like to "blow off some steam" in different ways.

    And everyone is right. There is so much to do around here. There really is no need to drive down to Mexico.
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