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    Let me offer up a few possibilities for places to go, bars, restaurants, places off the beaten track:

    Knee High Stocking Company

    This place is an actual speakeasy, fills up fast, but the drinks are top-notch. Not too far from downtown

    Le Pichet

    Near Pike Place Market (note: there is no "s" in Pike Place Market, just like you don't call SF "Frisco"), a nice little French cafe. Anthony Bourdain was impressed eating here, so that's something.

    Bruce Lee's grave

    This is up on Capitol Hill in Seattle, near the Seattle Asian Art museum in Volunteer Park. The Seattle Art Museum is downtown, incidentally.

    Museum of History and Industry

    In our Lake Union district, and full of connections to the region. Some good places to eat in the area like Cask and Trotter and Seastar, or maybe you'd like to go to the Wurst Place?

    Some Places for Coffee that Aren't Starbucks

    (There's an original one down in the Pike Place Market if you must go and pay homage. The thought around here is that Starbucks coffee is often over-roasted.)

    Caffe Vita has a lot of people serving their coffee in restaurants in Seattle. Victrola also makes a good cuppa. Caffe Appassionato is none too shabby either.
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    Today we had a wonderful lunch at Steelhead Diner, 1st and Pine, a block from Pike Place market. At Randy's suggestion we went to Dahlia's bakery known for their coconut cream pie and peanut butter sandwich cookies--it is at 2001 4th Ave. Both of these places are walking distance from Westlake station which is the end of the line for the link train that runs from SeaTac airport to downtown Seattle.
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