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    Is that normal for US Airways?

    Also, their official response on Facebook has to be the worst attempt to manage a situation since Amy's Baking Company. Shocking:

    "Folks – I know there is a lot of heat around the issue of the passenger and his service animal that was removed from one of our express flights recently. One of the first things everyone should ask themselves is, “There certainly must be more to this story than meets the eye … an airline wouldn’t just boot them off a flight for no good reason, right?” Absolutely...

    The customer is an advocate for disability rights, and appears to have forced a confrontation with his disruptive behavior, rather than simply complying with the instruction and securing the dog. Everyone was tired, it was near midnight, and I’m sure patience was in short supply as the aircraft had already been delayed on departure due to a mechanical issue and the animal was restless. We all would be...

    Several other passengers, upon seeing the customer’s removal from the flight, piled on to the emotional confrontation, making threats to contact media and make an issue of out ‘kicking a blind man and his dog off a US Airways flight.’ This reduced the FA to tears, and they were unable to continue as they believed their safety was in jeopardy."

    Oh, yes. They "threatened to contact media". Ooooh :eek:

    How not to handle social media 101?
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    Indeed. They should have at least started out with something standard, such as: "We deeply regret any inconvenience our canceled flight may have caused. We appreciate your patience while we investigate the matter further." There is no good spin to kicking a blind man and his service dog off a plane and having the rest of the plane throw a fit. No matter the details, the headline alone is damning.
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    Well, at least it was the last line. :confused:

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