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    Just trying to understand the nuance to airfare pricing. I know the airlines know their market and I'm just trying to make sense of it.

    I'm in OKC. So that means more often than not I'm flying through DFW. Occasionally I'll price both OKC and DFW for trips. On a lark I randomly selected on AA round trip OKC/DFW April 16-17. Just out of curiosity. Economy SS is $50 each way. First Flex is over $900 each way. The First saver or whatever is just over $600.

    I just find it incredible that there would be such a difference in fare for literally a 45 minute flight.

    I just don't see the value in drinking OJ out of a glass or even the benefit of the segment in a 245 mile flight for such a price difference. Other than the sucker business account paying for this I don't see how AA sells these seats.
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    Rule #1.....don't try to make sense of airline pricing. You will only hurt your brain because it doesn't make sense.

    Rule #2......somebody is buying those seats at those prices. Thus, that's why they are priced that way.

    Rule #3......when in doubt, refer to rule #1
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    I used to live in OKC and still have family in OK. I have found that Will Rogers is almost always expensive-- probably just the routes that I use. I have taken the OKC-DFW flight many times, and I agree it's definitely not worth it to pay for F. I would imagine that most of the people up front are upgraded from status or are connecting to somewhere further away in DFW. I totally agree with photonerd that there is NO logic to airline pricing. Sometimes I think that they divide the number of stars in the sky by pi and... to calculate a fare.
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    very well said :)
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    Keep in mind that not everyone flying OKC-DFW is going to DFW. They are likely going onwards to other AA destinations, including international destinations where companies are more likely to purchase F or J tickets for employees. So if I buy a J ticket from OKC to LHR via DFW, I'd like to have domestic F on the shorter segment before the international J segment. I think that's why the OKC-DFW segment is priced in such a way, so that the cabin is kept available for those with other segments. But hey, if someone wants to pay AA $4/mile, that's good business.
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