So close to a double upgrade... but no dice

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by JetsettingEric, Apr 8, 2012.

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    I'm about to fly on a PS flight, booked in economy (plus). i got waitlisted for an upgrade using CR1/RPU. I got an e-mail saying i was upgraded to first class.

    My mind started spinning.. sushi in the global first lounge. Another set of wonderful amenities in the shower in SFO. All you can drink champage.. (all on a connection less than an hour from a CRJ which would never land anywhere close to the international gates.. but you gotta dream big).

    I tried to check in.. got an error message. On my outbound, i disregarded the error message only to be royally screwed by continental at EWR. System wouldn't let me check in. Only 2 agents working the elite access line. 30 minutes later, i busted the extra long 45 min checked bag requirement and the agent forced me to pay $150 for a change fee... arg.. so i decided to call, scream at the machine, and got directed to a line in some non -US country.

    The agent on the other line was very cheerful, but clearly not American. I told her i tried to check-in for my flight, but didn't have any luck. i was told to call. She looked at my reservation, confirmed that i was upgraded to first (on a ps route), and begun to re-issue my ticket. Then came the ultimate test.. the seat assignment. Before the system integration, i loved the CO code-shares of the PS flights. I can book using the business class rate on miles and get the first class seat assignment. I was hoping for something along the same lines (the new system is the legacy CO system... maybe they didn't program in 3 classes of service for domestic routes)..

    The agent gave me 5B, an exit row. I said, that was Business Class, you told me I was upgraded to First. The agent agreed that those seats were in Business, and I was put on hold again while she tried to fix this. While i was on hold, i was jittery and jumping in side.. First class upgrade, here i come. I can taste the bad sushi now and cheap champagne now. After the old UA music came to an end, the system didn't allow her to give me a seat in First. She realized that it was a 3 class aircraft and business class was all i could upgrade to...

    A tear rolled down my check, and realized the IT systems beat me....

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    On every other flight these are "Business First" and "GlobalFirst" so that may be the confusion... PS flights still use the old cabin names...
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    I am trying to obtain an upgrade to business class for ps flight this fri.
    I got the 1k status but I think I need more. Can I use miles to upgrade?
    Vince J.
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    Vince, no need to post this in multiple threads; we did answer you in the other one.

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