SN experience: tight connections warning at BRU

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    I flew BHX-BRU-OSL yesterday.

    Why do SN sell 35 minute connections at BRU when this is simply not feasible for people of limited mobility? I don't have a mobility problem - well, nothing beyond normal travel fatigue - but I was pushed to connect. For those who don't know, it's necessary to immigrate first, via passport control, then security, then go into the bowels of the terminal, before being redirected up the Escher stairs with confusing A>> signs to reach the A gates.

    I moved at a jog and still arrived as the red FINAL BOARDING CALL flag flashed on the monitors. Anyone elderly or otherwise of impaired mobility would have no chance at all to make this type of connection.

    The commander of the OSL flight elected to take a delay at the gate, as he explained, to permit connecting pax to board.

    On the upside, SN's buy on board food is good and of course, they're unbeatable for chopp: they sell Leffe onboard.
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