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    I am taking a trip to Hollywood for the first time, and wanted to get some feedback from the group on which SPG hotel to stay in while I'm there. There will be two couples total staying in the room, so I'd love to have as much room as possible. Also, I do have gold status with SPG.

    I'm torn between the SLS Hotel and The W-Westwood. Does anyone have any experiences with either of these places? Thanks in advance for your input.
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    I've stayed at both and I don't think you can go wrong either way. The W is very much in the classic W style and vibe with a little bit of LA trendiness mixed in. The pool area is fantastic if you'll be there during a time of the year when you can take advantage. The bar/club in the lobby is a pretty popular spot during the weekends so just be aware that you can skip the line and show your key to the security guy at the door to get into the hotel or the bar area.

    The SLS is definitely more high end and slightly less trendy than the W. I think the SLS is more modern classy than trendy classy. The rooms are of comparable size to those at the W and all of the facilities are well kept. The restaurant in the SLS (Bazaar) is incredible so definitely make time for dinner there if you choose the SLS.

    Since you can't really go wrong with either place, I'd suggest you base your decision on whether or not you like the W vibe. If yes, stay in Westwood. If not, head to Beverly Hills. Either way you won't be disappointed.
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    I have stayed at both, and have to agree with drdubs that you really can't go wrong at either. I actually found the SLS to be more scene-y than the W Westwood, which felt a little more down to earth to me (despite seeing Alan Alda there)... maybe because it's so close to UCLA? You absolutely MUST eat at the Bazaar if you stay at the SLS-- it is quite a treat. I have always been treated ridiculously well at the W, even as SPG Gold-- I always felt like I had a ton of extra benefits I never got anywhere else. The food options at the W are OK, and not a ton of stuff nearby, like there is with the SLS. The elevator at the W is one of my favorites.

    As for the rooms, I usually get a little suite at the W (are all the rooms like that? I've never had anything else). I think the SLS rooms are cool, and over the top, in a good way. See my terrible cell phone pic, below.

    For me, it would come down to location, in the end, as that is all important when in LA. Both are great properties, and similarly priced, although I usually find the W to be a little less. Here's that pic:

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    The Bazaar is amazing - I'm a local, and I love it.

    I'm also partisan to the neighborhood of the SLS, but Westwood is nice, too. You mentioned Hollywood in your initial post; neither is in Hollywood exactly, but the SLS is a lot closer, should you be planning to spend time there. And, by the way, you probably shouldn't be. A lot of Hollywood is not very desirable.
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    In LA, proximity to what you want to do is the most important aspect as you can waste a lot of time in local traffic and taxi cabs going back and forth. If your area of focus is actually Hollywood, you might want to think of the W - Hollywood as it is right next to a lot of the touristy attractions (Mann's Chinese, Kodak Theater) and being at a Metro stop, you can always hop on the subway to downtown and LA Live.

    But if your goal are the restaurants of W. Hollywood, then you can't go wrong with the SLS with Bazaar downstairs as well as Matsuhisa and other pretty decent restaurants all in walking distance. Plus you can walk to the Beverly Center to do some shopping. However with this hotel, I found the staff quite full of themselves and less than stellar. Just depends if you like hanging out with the stereotypical LA person (a B or C list person who thinks and acts like they are on the A list).

    W - Westwood was a great laid back area. As mentioned, the bar is quite popular on weekends and the property has a nice pool area. However, the rest of the area is UCLA territory and a short walk will get you to movie theaters, restaurants and bars which are distinctly not trendy. On a previous stay as a SPG Plat, I was upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite (1 set up as an office) which was really good since I was getting away with a focus on work.

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