SkyTeam Partner Flight Cancellation on Award Ticket

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    I realize that this may only affect a small percentage of you in the future but if you should use your Delta Skymiles to book an award ticket on SkyTeam partners and should that partner cancel the flight, there is something you should be on the lookout for.

    Recently, my parents were booked on CI 6 from TPE-LAX but the flight was cancelled. CI rebooked them on CI 8 with their consent. However, DL never got the memo. When it came time for them to catch the first leg of their flight with a stopover in TPE, CI had issues with the ticket since DL showed no flight from TPE-LAX.

    They let my parents eventually board the first flight allowing them to fix the issue with DL in TPE...which meant that we were going to fix it. After 1 hr of calls to DL, CI and back to DL, we determined that all that has to be done is for DL to confirm that my parents indeed had seats on the rebooked CI flight and then manually reissue the ticket for the missing leg on DL's side.

    In case you experience a similar cancellation in the future, you may want to be proactive and contact DL in advance to ensure the ticket is accurate and not risk the last second panic from a missing segment on your itinerary.
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    This is good advice. But it does not only apply to DL. [​IMG] Best in class [​IMG] though they undoubtedly are.

    Proactive reservation management is a good strategy to avoid being disempowered by discovering these things at the airport on the day of travel and having very limited recourse. Periodically checking the res on multiple systems including TA, GDS and plating carrier are all necessary to ensure a smooth ride.

    Those of us flying regularly to RGN this year have been spending quite a lot of time on Skype and mobiles from BKK and SIN and other downroute places trying to get dropped sectors fixed prior to check in :cool:

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