Skyteam Carrier Review and Comaprison Thread

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    As there's one in the Star Alliance Forum, let's have one in the Skyteam forum for reviews and comparisons of classes and carriers.

    Please feel free to post your comments, likes/dislikes, and overall experiences and thoughts of Skyteam Carriers.

    Here's mine:


    AF: The seat for La Premiere is similar looking to KE, but much more plush and comfortable and nicer, warmer colors as opposed to the sterile hospital feel I get from the KE interior. Food and wines are great, and menus are designed by Joël Robuchon, and IMO AF F catering is the best in Skyteam. AF's La Premiere lounge at CDG is also the best lounge in Skyteam IMHO. Good amenity kit and nicer PJ's than KE. AVOD isn't bad and they have a great array of French films. FA's were also very friendly and personable.

    KE- I got lucky and got to try F based on a mistake redemption of my Skypesos that booked my girlfriend and I in F last April. Korean air has full flat seats. Now they have new "suites" on 772's and 77W's. The seat is similar to OZ F seat, but not as plush and an inch narrower. Western catering isn't bad, on par with LH F; Korean food leaves some to be desired and OZ definitely out does them on Bibimbap. Amenity kit is pretty basic for F and PJ's are pretty generic looking as well (Not like TK-F or LX-F) FA's are attentive, but some have lacking English skills, something I have yet to see on OZ.The new AVOD is also not bad, but it's still not KrisWorld.


    SU- They have a great business class seat on 763; best in Skyteam that I have done. At SVO, the old lounge was pretty bland, but they have a new terminal and lounges now. FA's seemed to try hard and catering had ample portions and was quite flavorful for Russian cuisine. I didn't use AVOD, so I'm not sure how that really compares. I think SU has a bad reputation from it's Soviet bloc days and I would definitely fly them again.

    AF- The affaires seat I don't mind. I sleep fairly well in it in a slight cradle position. Good Wines and cordial FA's who seem to go the extra mile if you're an American who speaks French (because of this, I think I've been treated pretty well ). I've always had good meals on board and the IFE seems to be good for an EU carrier. Great arrivals lounge at CDG for F/C pax as well.

    KE-Their 2nd generation C seat has a steep angle and isn't as plush as OZ's seat. Good Western food, Korean food isn't up to par with OZ's C food. Amenity kit lacking and some contract lounges are crap. FA's are alright, but don't seem to bendover backwards for you like OZ C.

    KL- Nice friendly flight attendants. WBC seat isn't a bad angled-lie flat. Catering can be innovative or it can be bland. KLM crown lounges are nice IME. IFE was ok, but nothing spectacular. FA's also seem to do a disappearing act once the first meal has been served.

    DL- Not really a huge fan. I've had some truly awful C meals; I was served frozen/raw chicken once, lucklily we had 6 pax misconnect so there were extra meals. Skyclubs aren't that great and DL staff seem to simply do their job and that's it, they don't do anything more than the bare minimum. Ground staff also seems to be lacking in "Sky Priority" lanes when compared to other carriers elite/C/F check in. The recliners in Business-non-Elite are truly an awful product. I've found these to be fairly hard and uncomfortable. Ex-NW angled lieflat is starting to get hard and has a steep angle to it as well. The 764 staggered seats seem cheap/plasticky and are very narrow. On domestic routes, DL's one innovative/redeeming quality is CR9's with ovens.


    AF- They still jand out menu's inflight in Y and give out a mini amenity pack. seats aren't bad comfort wise, and IFE was great at the time (2006). FA's seemed to be attentive and personable. Talked with crew in the galley and they had self serve beverages available for Y pax. Food quality was also pretty good; I'll take AF Y catering over several of the meals I've been served in DL C.

    DL- They're pretty bare bones in Y. They do have wi-fi and avod in most of their planes, still it doesn't make up for the amount of surly flight attendants they have working in Y. I have never done them on Int'l Y and you couldn't give me anything to do it (well, a *A F-RTW and I might consider it). I avoid DL like the plague if flying Y.
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