Sitting together when flights not booked at the same time

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    My wife has to go to Vegas in a couple of weeks and her company booked her a RT flight on US. MCO-CLT, CLT-LAS and return LAS-PHX, PHX-MCO. I later booked an award ticket on the same flights to join her for the week since she'd only be working 4 hrs a day at the meeting at Mandalay Bay. Apparently, her company had to book her in Choice seats for 3 of the 4 legs (PHX-MCO being the only one where she was in legit coach). My seats came back as all coach, although one was left empty still. I called US and they pretty much told me that the only way they could seat us over the phone is if I paid for choice seats. There don't appear to be any coach seats left in the seat view other than choice seats from my view either, so what are my chances of having a GA switch our seats on the day of travel to where we could sit together, if that means bumping me for free to choice (which I assume, since the fee is non-refundable for her)?
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    Well, you could pay for the coach seats up front and be seated next to your wife or you could take your chances and wait till day of travel and hope there are two seats available next to each other. It depends on your rick tolerance.

    I had the same thing happen recently. I booked my wife a ticket using miles in first and myself a coach seat hoping for the upgrade. On the outbound my upgrade didn't clear and she was in first and I was in an exit row. On the return, I was upgraded, but first was full and no one was willing to change seats (we both had windows)...even the flight attendant asked nicely. So close yet so far away.
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