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    With more and more hotel guests listing free Wifi as their top priority when booking a room, a new site has been created to help travellers find properties with the best connectivity.

    In addition to listing hotels around the world with free Wifi, also ranks properties according to their Internet speed.

    In Paris, for instance, the Hotel Vendome is listed as the hotel with the fastest connection, at 92 mbps.

    In New York, guests staying at the Da Vinci Hotel and the New York Hilton Midtown can also be assured of free, efficient Internet connectivity at about 53 mbps.

    In a report released this spring by online booking site, 1,000 travelers around the world named free connectivity as their top in-room amenity for the second year in a row.

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    yes, wifi is very important - gotta access my daily dose of MP site ! :D
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    Thanks for posting, sobore! Do I need WiFi to access this site? ;)
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    Soooooo let me get this right? People actually select hotels based on the speed of the WIFI?? :rolleyes: Pretty priority distorted world we now ( read..some) live in.

    My criteria for a selecting a hotel... you know that place to rest (at night) or relax during ones travels.
    1) Location relative to were I want/need to be/go.
    2) Overall safety of property and relative quiet.
    3) Comfort of rooms and related amenities.
    4) Price
    5) Reward program benefits.
    6) Willingness of staff to cater my needs (if known)
    7) Availability of parking or at least acceptable parking close by.
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    575 in the past I use to play online games a lot that involved very complicated fights with large numbers of people playing to achieve the same goal. We actually had schedules worked out and if only a few people couldn't attend the whole group couldn't proceed with the event. One of our important people for this event used to travel a lot and he made it a priority to get a good connection because if he had a bad connection it could basically destroy the activity for 25 other people... I know.. Its a limited and geeky circumstance (gasp... raiding!) but its not hard to find safe clean hotels in most areas and he just prioritized based on connection speed.
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    IMO There's no way to get a "standardized" or stable internet connection speed at any hotel property. It would be great if most of them could just simply post what their capabilities "We have subscribed a 100Mbps internet plan with our ISP" or something along the lines of that.

    The reason for that is because the speed varies throughout the day, depending on wifi/network load, as well as the third party contractor that setup the connection in the first place.

    An example of this was Sheraton Fiji, where they provided free internet along with 'premium internet' at 20 bucks a day. Free internet was almost unbearable during evenings but works slightly ok during days...still slow like dial-up, though. 'Premium' internet was practically the same thing as free internet and was a rip-off. (but I wasn't charged due to SPG elite).

    During that stay I used mostly mobile data on Vodafone Fiji instead.

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