SITA: 70% of passengers carry smartphones

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    Airline passengers want more control of their journeys and are looking for self-service and mobile-based offerings to reduce stress during travel.

    According to the 2012 SITA/Air Transport World Passenger Self-Service Survey, 70% of passengers now carry smartphones, which is fuelling the demand for services such as self-boarding and flight information updates on their mobiles.

    The survey found the number of passengers with smartphones has risen ‘dramatically’ over the past year from 54% to 70%.

    Self-service continues to be increasingly popular with passengers: almost two thirds used a self-service channel to check-in on the day of the survey, up from just over half last year.

    Almost 90% of passengers rated flight status updates on their mobiles and self-boarding as their top self-service technologies.

    Francesco Violante, SITA chief executive, said: ‘What passengers really want is to avoid delays and to be kept informed of what is happening.

    ‘Nearly everyone surveyed said they would welcome any queue-busting services and 89% voted self-boarding as their top technology.

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    And I swear every one of them has to make a call as soon as they land and talk very loud. Plus all the loud dings and chimes for text messages and emails received while flying. Never understood why people can't make their calls until after they leave the plane, I personally don't want 40 people listening to my conversation.

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