Single Parents Targeted for Travel Spending

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    Travel operators have a new target: unmarried women with money to spend on their nieces, nephews, or god-children. This demographic, nicknamed “PANKs” (Professional Aunt, No Kids), has potential especially in the US, argues a new report (pdf) on global tourism trends by Euromonitor.

    The PANK phenomenon itself isn’t new. A report last year by public-relations firm Weber Shandwick claimed to identify about 23 million women in the US who fit the category. Like all such reports aimed at helping marketers define a target group, it bulged with statistics, some of dubious usefulness (“32% of PANKs say their usage of Facebook has increased during the past six months”), and breathless descriptions (PANKs are “highly social”, “avid info-sharers” and “ahead of the online media consumption curve.”) But the firm says three-quarters of the 2,000 women it polled spent over $500 a year on each child in their life, which it says translates to about $9 billion a year for the whole country.

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    no demographic for PUNKs? :)
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    I did not know I had a title. I plan on trying to take one niece to Central America and one to London for their high school graduation presents.

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