Single-day traveller traffic record broken at Miami International

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    Christmas holiday passenger traffic at Miami International Airport (MIA) exceeded projections, increasing by 3.6% compared to the same period last year.

    MIA handled more than 2.1 million travellers during the 17-day winter holiday travel period from December 21 to January 6.

    The figure surpassed national projections by airline industry trade organization Airlines for America, which predicted a nation-wide increase of 2%.

    MIA set a new single-day travellers record of 139,941 on December 21, before breaking the record two weeks later with 144,192 passengers on January 4.

    The strong holiday travel numbers also helped MIA pass a new milestone of 40 million passengers for 2013 on December 27.

    Miami-Dade aviation director, Emilio Gonzalez, says: “MIA’s record-setting holiday travel performance is further testament to our strength as a global gateway and a premier international destination.

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    Thanks for posting, sobore! It wouldn't be any surprise to see this trend continue, given the record breaking cold temperatures in much of the country! ;)
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    Not exactly sure how one could reach that conclusion considering the numbers were for December. Besides logic would suggest that record breaking cold weather might actually reduce the total number of flights into Miami (they would need to depart from somewhere up north) no? :)

    In any event, the fact is the increase in MIA is primarily due to its booming CA and SA business. One only has to look at the number of, and increases in AA's liftings (the airport largest carrier) to that region.
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