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  1. We as a couple just cannot see paying 1500 dollars a night for a room at the George V is worth the money. Is the Park Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental Le Royal Morceau cheaper and about the same in quality not the same but similar. I know they will be different in décor
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    The FSGV is my favorite city hotel in all the world. The combination of the quality of the facilities, the level of service, the location and the historic significance of the building all make it incomparable. I prefer it even to places like the FS-HKG to Pen-Tokyo (not to speak poorly of those hotels by any means!). I've spent probably 20 nights at the FS GV over the years. I can't think of a single issue I've ever had there. It is by no means inexpensive...but you get what you pay for.

    Whenever possible, I try to alternate between the FSGV and the Plaza Athenee in Paris. The PA is closed through May 2014 for depending on the timing of your trip, may or may not be a viable option. The PA is wonderful...and will be even more so once the renovation is complete. The PA is a bit more relaxed than the FS.

    The PH is by no means a bad hotel, but it is easily a solid notch below, if not more, compared to the FSGV. I think you'll find the rooms at the PH to be very small (compared to the FSGV). While the PH is "fancy" by American Hyatt-lover standards, it is well below the other properties we're discussing, IMHO. (Others may disagree, but probably haven't been to most of the other properties to say definitively.)

    Consider Le Meurice, too. I like this property reasonably well and stayed here twice. I've not yet been to the MO-Paris, but a friend who has spoke very highly of it. I did not enjoy my stay at the Bristol, but I think they've done renovations since I was last there.

    The value play in Paris, IMHO, is the IC Le Grande (next to the Opera). The hotel is Virtuoso, so you can get some decent benefits, too. (FSGV, PA, Meurice and MO are Virtuoso, too.) If you have IC status, this can work out pretty well. I find it is often several hundred € below the PH, and it is just down the block from the PH. It is certainly not in the same league as many of these other properties...maybe even a half notch below the Hyatt (due to the IC's size)...but it has a nice, classic feel to it...and if price is a factor, this could be the best QPR out there.

    One other idea...I've never stayed at the Prince de Galles, but it is right next door (literally touching) the FSGV. So, it is a tie on location to the GV. It, too, was closed for renovations for some time not too long ago...and the photos look very nice at a minimum. It is an SPG LC hotel...also Virtuoso. I can't say I've even been into the hotel, however.

    Please let us know what you decide to do...and how it works out for you!
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  3. Its almost 2000 a night and for that price we could almost stay at Singita, or 4 nights in Bangkok. We are not poor by any means but we do wonder why its so expensive
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    For the location and historic building, consider the Crillon. I don't know whether they were changed during the renovation, but before I once had a deluxe single room, with one queen bed and a courtyard view, which was horrible. Their superior or deluxe doubles have always been very nice.
  5. I am going to book the Mandarin Oriental anyone thinks this is a bad idea let me know!!!

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