Showers at Delhi?

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by manfromkrypton, May 30, 2011.

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    I am traveling CCU - DEL on 9W, and then DEL - ORD on AA F.

    I had a few questions for the experienced folks on this forum.

    1. When I arrive in DEL from CCU, it will be around 6pm, and my AA leg isnt till 12midnight. Will I be able to go check in my bags for my AA flight right away? Or is there a wait time for the counter to open? Also, I assume there is a separate line for F passengers?

    2. When I get to DEL, i plan to leave the airport for about an hour or two to visit with some family. However, its currently very very hot in India, and I've been dying of the heat. Last week when I was in delhi, i sweated badly, and it was an uncomfortable 2 hour flight to CCU. I want to be able to get back to the airport, then go take a shower, before I get on my 16 hour flight to ORD.

    Is there a place I can do this? Perhaps in one of the lounges?

    Appreciate people's feedback. If it helps, I am AA Plat, AmEx Platinum, Priority Access member, as well as flying F class.
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    1. I've never connected at DEL, just arrived and departed so I dont have much advice. From what I've heard, 9W isn't great about offering smooth baggage interlining. I know that security used to stop people from entering the departure area until about 4 hours prior to their flight, but as a connecting passenger I'm not sure if things are different, or even if things are different in DEL operation wise since T3 has been open for awhile now. Hopefully someone has better info.

    2. As for the lounge, AA uses the Kingfisher facility and it does have showers. You'll have access flying F or from being PLT.

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