Should radiation worry you when flying?

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    Should I be worried about the effects of radiation when I fly?
    Ionising radiation has the potential to damage cells, tissues and enzymes.

    When you fly aboard a commercial aircraft, you are exposed to a higher dosage of ionising radiation than at ground level because Earth’s atmosphere provides less protection at higher altitudes. The higher you fly, the greater the exposure.

    Dosage also increases at higher latitudes because Earth’s atmosphere is thickest at the equator, and less so towards the poles.

    In Australia, the average background radiation dose (what the average Australian will receive at ground level) is about 2 millisieverts (mSv) a year.

    At the typical cruising altitude of a commercial jetliner at a latitude of 30degrees south, it would take about 240 hours of flying to receive an additional dose of 1mSv.

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    No not at all... That may vary depending on the environment in which one lives, the work a person does, and the medical procedures he or she undergoes.

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