Should MP have a 9/11 tribute page?

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    This is a travel based community and certainly everyone has been affected by the tragedy of 9/11, even if only emotionally.
    While there are physical memorials at various spots, I feel a simple page within our community would be appropriate to show our support and unity.
    I’m not suggesting a forum or anything elaborate, but a simple page of the names of the crews and heroes of that day. If desired, maybe even a page for bios of those who perished to be posted by friends / relatives to keep their memory alive.
    Yes it have been a decade, but my feeling is we should never forget how we felt that day, nor the people we lost.
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    I think this will become more evident as we get closer to that day that changed the life of every traveler. I know personally milepoint will be involved in a few different events in support of some of our charity efforts, the StarMegaDo III which is wrapped around those dates, etc. As the details emerge and are finalized, we'll keep the community informed. ten years still feels like yesterday to me. Thanks, it is always interesting to know that our internal clock and effort for these things always seems to be closely in synch with the general population of members of milepoint—clearly displaying the importance of why milepoint is the only major forum for frequent flyers which is owned and operated by actual frequent flyers. We get it, we support it and we are daily engaged in the community.
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