Should Milwaukee airport include Illinois in name?

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    As far as suggestions go, airline industry consultant Jay Sorensen realizes this one might not fly.

    But as the economics of the airline industry continue to shift and Mitchell International Airport seeks to attract more passengers - and additional flights - Sorensen says he thinks it's time to talk about a new name for the airport.

    "If we want to be a regional airport, we need to start thinking regionally," said Sorensen, who runs the Shorewood-based IdeaWorksCompany.

    And, he says, serious thought should be given to somehow including northern Illinois in a new airport name.

    Even bringing up that topic is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire and then tossing in a stick of dynamite for good measure. There are folks around here who are repulsed by the notion that Milwaukee could be linked to northern Illinois by anything other than the interstate highway system.

    "I know Milwaukee is going to have a real big issue with this, but I think it's kind of the elephant in the room that needs to be talked about," Sorensen said.

    That's because growth in the airline business is tough to find these days. Airports generally take what they can get.
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    Include Chicago; it's worked so well for RFD and GYY! :rolleyes:
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