Short of 3k to maintain DL silver in '11, but just finished 4k flight in '12. Can DL honor?

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  1. Newbie to MP.
    Silly question: I already accumulated MQM 22k in 2011, but 3k short to maintain DL silver status in 2012. As of Jan, 6th, 2012, I finished the travel which will give me 4k. This travel was booked in 2011.
    Is there any grace period from DL or a way to honor the MQM which was made in very early of 2012 for back date to 2011 medalion qualification?
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    I've never heard of them doing that. On rare occasion they've granted status to people who were a few hundred short, but not 3k short.
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    Most likely not, but you could call them. Never hurts to ask.

    And welcome to milepoint.
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