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    I planning on arriving on a flight from ICN to SFO and have 1:30 connection time for flight to IAH. Is that enough time to clear customs/immigration and connect? Don't know what terminals are being used for my connecting flight. My other option is flights through LAX with 8 to 9 hrs connection time. Thanks for any info that will help with this decision.
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    Are you a US citizen? Do you have Global Entry? Is this a UA-UA connection, or is this a Other Airline-UA connection? Are you checking luggage?

    In other words, you've not provided enough information to answer this question. In theory, if you were a US citizen with Global Entry and no checked luggage, you might have LOTS of time. If you have a large amount of checked luggage and a bad line at customs and immigration as a non-US passenger... maybe not.

    UA advises at least 90 minutes for an international connection.
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