short 4 e-upgrades on Air Canada

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    I only have 13 e-upgrades on Air Canada and I have a return flight from Sydney AU to Toronto in 6 days. Is there any way to buy the 4 e-upgrades that I need? It costs 17 for the flight. One of my staff has them to spare but he is only a 35K altitude member and he can't upgrade international with that status. (He is only 1500 miles away from 50K). Any suggestions?
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    Sorry, but you're out of luck. There's no mechanism to transfer a few eUpgrade points as you describe. You either need all 17 yourself, or someone else with 17 who can upgrade you as a companion (and that option will be lost to all but SEs next year.) Your only hope at an upgrade would seem to be a Last Minute Upgrade if one is available at check-in, and you're willing to pay the cost.

    Hope the flight goes well otherwise.
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