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    Hi all, I've noticed something strange happening with Online Shopping Portals and browser add-ons, Chase Ultimate Rewards in particular.

    This & last month I bought a few things from Nordstrom & using the UR Mall. The Nordstrom went through the extra points posted fine, however Nike didn't. I was wondering If it was because of the extensions that I have on my browser, ublock & Disconnect in particular. What's strange is that I did the exact same thing and didn't use any other coupons/codes that would've disqualified me ... but yet Nordstrom was 3/3 and Nike is 0/2.

    Could it be the extensions are blocking some sort of url code/cookie?

    Should I just buy stuff w/the addon disabled going forward? (I don't have any planned purchases soon but would love some data for next time.)
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    Quite likely those are the problem. Anything which "manages" ads or cookies can hose the affiliate referral programs badly. I use incognito mode for such transactions to make sure that no extensions are loaded to affect them.
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