SHOCKING: Everyone wants OTA disclosure of all airline fees!

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    In a shocking reversal of common sense revelation of the obvious, a recent survey found that 94% of travelers using online travel sites want all airline fee information freely available to them in the online booking process.

    The survey, carried out by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Interactive Travel Services Association, asked 2,310 adults aged 18 and older about their recent summer 2012 travel experiences.

    Among those in the cohort that used an online travel company to book their travel agreed to the statement, “All airline fee information should be available to travel agents and online travel websites.”

    In addition, 95% of online travel purchasers agreed that “it would be easier to comparison shop if all airline fee information was available on online travel websites and to travel agents.”
    David Kelly, the executive director of Open Allies for Airfare Transparency, points out that consumer expectations should drive government action.
    “These results should be a wake-up call for the Department of Transportation. Consumers do not like to be held captive by the airline industry, whether stuck on the runway or shopping for a summer vacation. The survey data demonstrates that consumers expect airlines to share fees in a transparent and purchasable format in all the channels where they sell their fares, and if the airlines will not do this on their own, then the Department of Transportation should exercise its authority to require it.”​
    The desire to see, compare and purchase the full, actual cost of an airline ticket is massive, and the DOT has been taking steps to require airlines and travel agents to fully disclose all fees during, rather than at the end of, the booking process.

    However, the DOT stalled on requiring airlines to distribute all fees to all GDSs, meaning that the OTA system that millions use to book travel does not fully disclose all fees for a particular flight. The only fees required for display on OTAs are any related baggage fees, meaning that consumers looking to comparison shop according to change fees, preferred seating fees, or any other fees are not currently able to do so. There is no way to see the total cost of a trip – especially if you are a group traveling together who wants to sit together - in the current system.

    Consumers booking on OTAs are not getting a complete picture of their trip costs, with a final fare including flight, taxes and fees unavailable for comparison. Most fees do not even become visible until after the ticket has been purchased and the consumer has checked the reservation on the ticketed airline’s website, leading to an aggravating feeling of being taken advantage of.
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