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    Transfer from HK this is what the hotel offered:
    "1) external car rental from Honk Kong airport to the hotel - total cost 2500rmb to be paid in cash directly to the driver. (LOL!)
    2) by taxi from Hong Kong airport to China Ferry to then take the boat from there directly to Shunde. An economy ticket would cost 175rmb and a first class 200rmb. The departure times from Hong King to Shunde are 7.30am, 8.30am, 11am, 15.20pm & 18pm. Once in Shunde the distance from our hotel is no more than 8 minutes by car. The fee either by taxi or hotel car would be 50rmb net."

    Notes: We took the ferry. It was painless, comfortable but you might want to get the tickets in advance. We went an hour early for the 8:30 and it was sold out, we went at 11. I doubt that a taxi is 50 rmb from the ferry port, but it was nice to have a hotel car there.

    To/from Macau:
    "Our hotel driver will be able to take you to Zhuhai border gate with Macau on the 19th October 2010.The cost would be 950rmb by Buick van and 1150rmb by Mercedes Benz.Once in Macau you can take a taxi to your local destination."

    Notes: we hired a private car that a lively employee offered. He took us to the Macau gate for 300rmb (1.5 hours). We also used this same guy for r/t to Guangzhou for 500rmb. I didn't haggle (I know I should have). At the border gate you have to lug your luggage across an esplanade to the border crossing. It's pretty big - 20 lines or so - and crowded. Then again to the Macau immigration post. Then pick up a taxi to your hotel on the other side or take one of the many, many shuttle buses that a lot of the hotels offer.

    Hotel stay
    Big, modern, brand spanking new. We were upgraded to an executive suite overlooking the Pearl River. Awesome room, awesome bathroom. Breakfast was included for Platinums in the lobby restaurant. It's a big and varied buffet, and pretty good, too!. Lounge available and is decent but nothing special, some canapes in the evening with drinks. There is a full Chinese restaurant and a "Japanese" restaurant. We did not eat at either but the Chinese has a rather extensive menu. We did eat at the buffet restaurant in the lobby for dinner one night, I ordered à la carte and it was quite acceptable.

    There really isn't anything to do in Shunde if you don't have business there or in Guangzhou - this hotel was $100 vs. $400++ during the fair for the hotels in Guangzhou, and what we got for $100 was amazing. The Qinghui Garden is pretty much the only worthwhile sight to see and that will take a 20-30 rmb taxi ride each way and about an hour(?) to see.

    Guangzhou is about 45 mins from the hotel. The hotel also has a shuttle bus to Guangzhou during the fair. I do not recall what it cost (I think there was a room rate that included it) but it wasn't much.

    Very worthwhile. If you are going to the fair in Guangzhou this is a very convenient hotel to use both in terms of commuting to Guangzhou and connecting to HK or Macau. It really couldn't have been easier. And the price is hard to beat!





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