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    Stayed at this hotel for the first time a few weeks ago as a Gold when I needed a place to overnight in San Juan on my recent mileage run to Anchorage. I looked at a lot of properties, toying with the idea of the Ritz or Intercontinental on the beach if the price was right, finally deciding on a cash & points stay at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino for 4,000 points & $60.

    I wasn’t crazy about it from the description, but it was one of the best values for the date I was there. Later I read TripAdvisor reviews and became worried, it’s the hotel that cruise ship passengers stay at when departing/arriving and there were lots of stories about loud guests, big crowds, and less than pristine pools and common areas from those who drank too much.

    When I arrived there were 6 people working the check in desks and still a line, although only one person ahead of me in the Preferred Guest line. It was a little before 3PM and I got the sense there were quite a few unhappy folks whose rooms wouldn’t be ready for awhile.

    When it was my turn the clerk offered a large double immediately available on a high floor if I was willing to take it, and if I didn't like it, they'd reassign me. I was only going to be there for a night so it didn’t really matter. I took it.

    I had parked in the loading zone in front so ran back out to my car and circled the area looking for safe street parking nearby to avoid the $16 self-parking fee. At check-in they said overnight parking was allowed on the streets but they didn’t recommend. I found some spots on the major road about a block away and scanned the area. My car was the nicest of those parked and it was fairly remote with no businesses or buildings around. With visions of a smashed window in the morning I drove back to the self-parking and sucked up the $16 charge which did come with in/out privileges.

    My room was at the end of the hall with a panoramic view of the convention center, harbor, and isla verde airport. It was attractively decorated, and I particularly liked the reading chair.
    It also wound up being a wheelchair accessible room. So that’s why it was a “large room.”

    As I was getting ready for the pool I watched a huge cloud come sweeping in dropping an insane amount of water. I headed down to the covered pool bar to get a drink and wait the rain out.


    There’d been a miscommunication at check in as to whether I wanted points or a drink voucher for my gold welcome amenity and he handed me the voucher. I wasn’t really interested in spending time to correct it, figuring I’d probably be having a drink at some point anyway. So I plunked down my cert at the pool bar and over a Sunrise Voodoo (rum, peach schnapps, mango and orange juice) watched the rain sweep through for 45 minutes. I scanned the food menu, which listed appetizers from $7-$12 and entrees from $10-$17. Expensive, but no more so than any of the other casual dining options at the hotel.


    Eventually it cleared and I was the first out, grabbing a chair in front of the infinity pool with a great view of the Isla Verde airport and glimpses of Old San Juan. The sun never came back out though, so after an hour I headed back up to my room to do some work.

    I wound up eating dinner at the Texas de Brazil steakhouse attached to casino, but was sizing up my other options beforehand. In addition to the hotel restaurants there was a Ficus Café Mexican restaurant right outside the hotel that was getting rave reviews on yelp and Tripadvisor. Room service was not terribly priced with a couple of sandwiches around $15. There was also the option to order pizza from Pepe Pizzaria for $22 and have it delivered free to the room.

    Re-entering the hotel after dinner around 9:30 I found the lobby bar now featured a live band and the noise was deafening. Upstairs the noise from the outdoor band at Ficus was only slightly audible.
    Next morning they slipped my statement under my door with a note attached saying that due to high occupancy late checkout was impossible and I’d need to be out by 11AM. I was surprised to see a $15 resort fee added to the cash portion of my cash & points. I guess I’d missed that fine print when I was looking at the website.

    I had another surprise when I went to retrieve my car – the parking garage only took cash!

    Verdict: The rooms and pool at the Sheraton Puerto Rico are nice, but it’s a huge, noisy hotel. If you can get cash & points it’s a good value for the area. But if you’re looking for a nice ambience, try the Sheraton Old Town San Juan, the Intercontinental, or Ritz Carlton instead.
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