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    I just finished a one night stay here. 3/12 - 3/13. The whole experience was disappointing overall. We checked in and I asked the lady helping us to confirm that my SPG number was on the reservation. I asked twice and she confirmed twice it was there. After being assigned Room 806 I found blood on sheets of the bed closest to the window. I called the front desk to ask for another room and was told I was being transfered to the Manager. He picked up promptly and asked me to hold. After a moment or two of holding a lady from the front desk told me he would call back. While I was waiting for his call back housekeeping showed up to change the sheets on the bed. The two ladies sent to change the sheets were very friendly, however they began to speak between themselves in spanish apparently assuming that neither my wife or I could understand. Their conversation consisted of discussing who changed the sheets earlier and then suggested that we probably did it so we could get something for it. I thought this was unprofessional. Soon after the manager called and said he would move us and sent a staff member up with keys. We were moved to 1436 on the SPG Floor. When we arrived the room was not ready so we waited in the hall for about 10 min until our room was finished being serviced. The room we were moved to was clean and acceptable but in the first stages of disrepair. The toilet paper holder was no longer properly attached to the wall and the fire alarm was hanging out of the wall. The following morning I noticed my room rate was incorrect on the receipt put under my door. I went to the front desk to correct the charge and noticed my SPG number was not on the receipt so I asked the lady correcting the charge if my number was on the reservation and she said no. Apparently it was too much trouble to be honest with my when I checked in.

    It was not all bad though. The breakfast buffet was great. My wife and I both enjoyed the restaurant and room service was prompt with dinner at 11:30 pm. The location was also great. The hotel is right across the street from the convention center where my wife and I had obligations.

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