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    This suburban Sheraton is located in the western suburbs of Milwaukee along the interstate and next to the large Brookfield shopping center, including a variety of restaurants. It's one of three Starwood properties in the Milwaukee area. (The others are the new aloft along the river downtown and a Four Points in the far northern suburbs, not along the lake.) The hotel has ample free outdoor parking, although they might provide valet service during some big events. There are lots of function rooms for small and medium sized meetings.

    The hotel consists of three towers with rooms.Each is about five stories tall. Everything is connected through the lobby areas, although there are some ramps as not everything on the ground floor is on the same level. The first two towers are also connected on upper levels using ramps. (I explored this once while looking for a functioning ice machine and almost got lost.)

    The tower to the left of the main entrance seems new and has a club floor and club lounge on top. It's easy to park nearby and use the tower entrance with your key card to enter and exit the building by the tower's elevator bank. The club floor hallway requires a club keycard. (More later.)

    The main tower appears older and requires a tricky route to its elevators, passing first through most of the lobby level, including up and down some ramps. I found it to generally appear a bit worn and rundown when I stayed there. (More later.) The carpets were faded. The top (two IIRC) floors of this building has signs for club level, but no controlled access and no apparent second lounge.

    The third tower, which also appears newer, is behind the main tower. Its first floor (ground level) seems to consist of hospitality suites and small function/meeting rooms in addition to the property's complex of larger meeting and function rooms near the restaurant. I haven't seem the guest rooms in this wing.

    CHECK IN: I stayed here twice as a Plat on a cheap rate, each time for one night. During both stays, the lounge was totally closed, but I was given a coupon for the huge buffet breakfast and for an appetizer in the restaurant or bar. Bottled water (two) was provided in the room. On one stay, I was given an ordinary club level room in the left (newer) tower. The room was fine but not at all memorable. The second time I was given a one-bedroom suite one the top (club?) floor in the older main building. As the lounge was closed again, my keycard was not programmed to allow me to walk through the newer building's club hallway, which would have been a shortcut to my parking space. Both times I told the front desk that I was likely to be using my late check out privileges.

    THE SUITE: This room was disappointing in that it was a barely furnished modern one-bedroom suite. The furnishings were obviously worn and faded. In addition, the windows looked unbelievably dirty; on closer inspection, the problem seemed to be something between the panes of glass, in large insulated double-paned windows. When I arrived at the suite during the late afternoon, there was a large piece of furniture (bed or large dining table) leaning against the wall in the hallway outside my room, almost blocking the only entrance to my suite. It took several phone calls and several hours to have it moved. I considered this to be a safety hazard and told the front desk of my concerns. The next day, I received a phone call from the front desk, IIRC around 2:30 pm, saying that I had to be out of the room immediately because the housekeepers were going to leave for the day. I pointed out that I was Plat and had advised the front desk upon arrival that I planned to use my Plat 4 pm check out privileges. The response was as complaint to me about overtime wages for housekeepers (not really my problem, these are SPG program rules). Then the person tried to say that because I had the upgrade, I wasn't entitled to a late check out. (Again, not according to SPG rules, as I told them quite emphatically.) There was also a half-hearted attempt to invoke the resort and conference hotels loophole, but I pointed out that these words were not park of the hotel's name. When it became very clear that I intended to report them to SPG if they hassled me further about the late check out, they grudgingly gave up but the incident left a very bad impression. (However, in fairness, I should point out that the front desk was perfectly pleasant when I dropped my keys and got a copy of the final bill--to avoid the possibility of an added late check out fee, I wanted to leave with a time stamped hard copy.)

    RESTAURANT AND BAR: Pretty good coffee is available is a small gift shop in the lobby. (There are coffee makers and coffee/tea supplies in rooms.) The lobby has some seating areas, IIRC including a big fireplace. The hotel's sole restaurant is family-oriented, with no table clothes. To me, the furniture is vaguely reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright, as are other elements of the lobby area. The restaurant is noisy and really is just the far end of the sports bar. Both are open to a wide hallway to function rooms. For a small meal, I was very happy with my (couponed) appetizers and glass of wine. More generally, the dinner menu was that of a standard all day dining restaurant with a variety of primarily American food items. The breakfast buffet was enormous and good, although I did not see any fancy/expensive food such as smoked salmon. Service was friendly and prompt. I didn't try room service and the club lounge was never open during my two visits to this hotel.

    OTHER FACILITIES: There's a standard new @Sheraton business center in the wide hallway across from the sports bar. Next to that, stairs lead down to an indoor pool (and an outdoor pool too in season) and IIRC a standard hotel health club. At the time I was tempted to swim, the pool was filled with a large group of very noisy children; their screams echoed in the room (and up to the hallway and restaurant), making swimming impossible IMO. It's an attractive small pool, mostly about four feet deep, and the water was pleasantly warm. The large windows were such that everyone walking down the hallway or taking a break from the function rooms could see down into the pool. Not good. Noise from nearby function rooms and their break area was also a problem in the restaurant one evening when I was there.
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